Jay Coughlan: Coaching

                                                   "Life is a matter of choice, and every choice you make makes you." -- John Maxwell

                                                   "Life is a matter of choice, and every choice you make makes you." -- John Maxwell

Through TruBalanced™, Jay offers coaching to business leaders and organizations. Jay honed his coaching approach by living through and leading dynamic corporate change for more than two decades. He has mentored hundreds of business leaders and inspired thousands more through his personal journey from convict to CEO.

Jay is not the typical executive coach. The guidance he provides to his clients is based on wisdom gained through his rise to executive leadership positions while confronting defining moments in his own life.

Clients seek Jay’s counsel for a variety of reasons. Some are seasoned executives facing challenges in the boardroom or with their senior management team. Or they may be looking at how they can make a strategic shift with their business and want to achieve buy-in from employees to investors.

Others are men and women who are on the rise in their organizations who want to deepen their leadership skills and their ability to motivate others. Millennials look to Jay to develop their entrepreneurial talent and to put them on a path to career success.

Jay makes a major difference for those individuals who find themselves stuck in their business, family or community roles. Through candor, concern, choices and coaching, Jay helps illuminate a path forward.

Clients learn the art of clarity, accountability, adaptability, confidence and balance. The outcomes are evident through the people Jay has coached.


What you'll experience with Jay as your coach:

  • A safe environment for you to think and talk about ideas in a framework for you, the CEO
  • Balance both demands of investors and focus on customers
  • Maintaining board of director expectations and employee engagement simultaneously
  • Balancing the competing interests facing CEOs inside and outside the business.
  • Improve your leadership skills by utilizing FASTER (TM) methodology
  • Improve decision making
  • Finding ways to help you focus and stay focused
  • Adapting to change while driving results


Jay Coughlan has been my executive coach for the past six months, and in that brief time he has had a profound impact on me professionally and personally. I am a first-time CEO, and while Jay doesn’t always tell me what I want him to say, he always tells me what I need to hear.
— Jim Foxworthy, President and CEO, Pragmatic Marketing
Over the past year, Jay has been coaching one of our senior executives. Jay has worked with him to transform his leadership style in ways that enabled him to empower his leadership team, improve the quality of decision making and enhance collaboration. The approach has allowed him to devote more time to strategic thinking and to become a more effective leader, which has been noticed by the people on his team.
— Mike Carey, SVP and CHRO, SPS Commerce
Over my 30 years in business I have had the opportunity to work with many great leaders and Jay stands out as the best mentor and coach. A day rarely goes by that I don’t utilize lessons I learned from Jay, his advice and counsel are invaluable. By modeling and living the values Jay espouses you can’t help but become a better person, parent, and friend. This has ultimately made me a better coach and mentor to others.
— Eric Morgan, Former Chief Executive Officer, WorkFront, AdvancedMD and Carelogistics