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You found my site by searching for executive coaching and leadership opportunities in Minneapolis / St. Paul. 

Minneapolis / St. Paul is a big small town. "Flyover" country with some of the country's largest companies and innovative startups.

As a seasoned Twin Cities business leader having had roles such as CEO of Lawson Software, Minnesota's largest high technology company until its sale to Infor, and Chairman and CEO of XRS, an innovative mobile applications provider (Sold to Omnitracs in Dallas), I've just about seen it all in this city. The highs and lows. The opportunities and missed chances. The acqusitions and divestitures. The business and personal glory and heartbreak.

Now, through TruBalanced, I offer coaching to business leaders and organizations and I'd like to meet with you to share a meal or coffee and have a Coaching Cafe™ session.

What is Coaching Cafe™? It's simple: a chance to get together and discuss your goals, objectives, obstacles and challenges as a business leader. 

At best, we might have a chance to meet again more regularly where I can guide you through the gauntlet of achieving your best at work, at home and in your community. At worst, we'll network and get to know one another. This is a small big town. It's good to know everyone you can. 

My clients seek my counsel for a variety of reasons. Some are seasoned executives facing challenges in the boardroom or with their senior management team. Or they may be looking at how they can make a strategic shift with their business and want to achieve buy-in from employees to investors.

Others are business leaders of all generations who are on the rise in their organizations who want to deepen their leadership skills and their ability to motivate others.

Through candor, concern, choices and coaching, I help illuminate a path forward. 

You will learn the art of clarity, accountability, adaptability, confidence and balance. The outcomes are evident through the people I've coached.

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Jay Coughlan's Bio

"Over the past year, Jay has been coaching one of our senior executives. Jay has worked with him to transform his leadership style in ways that enabled him to empower his leadership team, improve the quality of decision making and enhance collaboration. The approach has allowed him to devote more time to strategic thinking and to become a more effective leader, which has been noticed by the people on his team. "

- Mike Carey, SVP and CHRO, SPS Commerce (S 7th St, Mpls)

Jay is a walking, talking paradox. He is as intense an individual as I’ve ever met, yet compassionate. He is achievement-driven, yet forgiving. He is a polished professional, yet still has the spirit of a street-wise working man. He’s able to put all of this together with a speaking and coaching style that makes everyone in the room want to reach all of their life goals — yet do it while caring for people and never missing what is most important in life. When you sit in the audience, Jay looks straight into your eyes and speaks to your heart, mind, and gut.

- Dean Hager, CEO, JAMF Software (Washington Ave, Mpls)